All in this blog are little pieces of me.

Always pray to have:
1. Eyes that see the best in people.
2. A heart that forgives the worst.
3. A soul that never loses faith in Allah.

Much love. xx Destiny.


The difficulty in development is that you’re developing publicly. With all that Allah encourages in keeping our sins between us and Him, there will always be those afflicted by your trial and error. 

So what do you do? Drop on your knees and pray you learn from your mistakes… Pray you never recreate that ignorance, pray you stop relying on experience, pray you start listening, start embodying.

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Last Ramadhan I never could have believed that this year my eyes would see the magnificence of Makkah, the coolness of Medina and every single moment in between. My first umrah was just before Jummah and the ‘Ameen’ that was echoed throughout the haram that day reverberated through my soul. It was…


2 new post! BET awards fashion and living a happy life|| link in bio #Michaelcostello #betawards #chrisbrown #amberrose #fashiondazee #fashionblogger #fashion
Can i be completely honest?..


I really don’t understand why do other people-of-color hate on the BET awards?.. Like don’t yall realize that is OUR awards show?.. It’s OUR music, OUR artists, OUR people! It shows SOOOOO much black excellence! Like it’s a super huge “family reunion”. We all come together as a people and just…

I love Nicki but...


The shade was wayyy too much like you was mad extra for that! It’s funny and lowkey I was laughing but at the same time the nomination was for Best Female Rapper but we know the award doesn’t always go to the artist with the most TALENT. It’s mostly whose the hottest at this time.

I like…



Every Social Conservative and Right Wing Republican believes that George W. Bush was an excellent President and celebrates him as so. George W. Bush have raked in over $20 million in appearance and speaking fees since leaving office, does that sound like a President that isn’t considered to be…